panos nikolaidis design





summer resort in samos




The Eupalinian aqueduct and The Castle of Lykourgos Logothetis are historical finds that mark the history of human intervention on the island; they are proposals that transform a unique typology into an ultra-modern architecture while maintaining clear and recognizable references of the past.
This concept is carried through to the hotel.

The rooms, autonomous or semiautonomous shelters develop a ‘medieval towers complex’ acting as a contemporary addition to an existing shell.
The main access to the rooms, along the central unit, forms a trench, setting a course in the history and folklore of the island. Light wells along the route create focal points that highlight selected exhibits which act like a real small folklore museum incorporated in unexpected everyday life of the residents.
The hotel’s central unit is set into the hillside terrain of stone walls / slate walls, green roofs and bioclimatic features. Underground, cave-like areas.
The non-chain, non-branded 56 room luxury hotel is diminutive, discreet and designer. Sivilla is a perfectly balanced combination of history and contemporaneity. The generous use of local stone bridges the gap between past and present. Sivilla blends with the existing landscape almost disappearing within it without losing its identity.