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residential interior




The proper home is warm, friendly and personalized, designed for living, not cold, distant, hostile and impersonal.
The proper home is a conventional home, defined by a reactionary, deeply rooted in traditional conception of living.
Commonly accepted is not necessarily the best fit.


The idea that every function of life has its proper and fixed position in the hierarchical structure of the house dates to a previous social structure (i.e. the proper drawing/living room, mirror to the society, kept solely for formal visits).
Individuality requires an icon to identify.
The spirit of times requires visualization / corporeity.
Most of all, versatile / uncertain society & day to day life requires an adaptable shell.
The house acts as an internal landscape capable of accommodating different programmatic functions at any given moment. Unique programmatic functions are replaced by a multitude of potential scenarios. Space as a variable matrix of events.

The conventional house is full of fragments of memories of our past life, fragments of reminiscence of a past society that never existed. Why live in reminisce of past rural life or monarchy, revamped to fit contemporary needs (unless you are a fanatic royalist). What is there to identify with and envy. It should be structured of fragments of life. Random events of an arbitrary life.

What better way to evaluate a house than a child with minimal pre-structured behavioral patterns. The best playground is the best home.