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Designed with simple geometries by Panos Nikolaidis and constructed with the detail of a delicate jewelery, the Pool House is an independent residence, in continuation of an existing detached house. Its arrangement in relation to the existing volume creates a building complex facing the pool, embracing it and highlighting it at a central point of reference.


The conception of the building, minimalist and welcoming at the same time, focuses on the visual and functional continuity of the interior and exterior space, as well as the possibility of variability in its degree of privacy. The overall  arrangement of the dwelling and the architectural design of the shell are governed by a strict logic with clean surfaces and a simple, almost archetypal, geometry. The choice of materials, the direct contact with the natural element and furnishing create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Everyday life in the pool house revolves around a central, open space, including the use of living, dining and sleeping areas. The window frames, which define its lateral boundaries, are drawn into the walls and completely disappear. Thus, the central core of the house ceases to be a conventional, enclosed room and is denatured in a clear, enclosed roof on both sides, connecting the open spaces on either side of it.
Of course, the tenants’ everyday life is not always compatible with a space that “transparent”. Thus, the privacy of the pool house changes. With the northern face, towards the swimming pool, the house is protected from ‘prying eyes’, keeping it in direct contact with the private garden south of it. When desired, rich curtains can completely isolate the interiors, creating an enclosed, warm and pleasant environment. The interior layout of the building is governed by the logic of a one-room house but, as the case may be, the bedroom can be visually and functionally isolated from the living room as well as the garden with sliding wooden panels, fully preserving its privacy.
Depending on the mood, the weather and the social situation, the requirements of a home are constantly differentiated. The pool house design focuses on this very need for variability. It is a shelter, “warm” and private – ideal for moments of calm in front of the fireplace on the cold winter nights – which in a few minutes can be transformed into a summer pavilion, ideal for moments of relaxation in front of the pool, or a crazy pool party!

architect: pnd (
design and construction management: Alexandros Triantafyllidis (Tconstructions)
furniture design: BLOSSOM people & spaces
photography: George Fakaros