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VNK Capital headquarters



VNK Capital: A New Classic

Luxury orchestrates a dialogue between awe, homelyness and warmth.


Functional layout, rational space management, a pleasant and stylish work environment. Undoubtedly, the above-mentioned are absolutely necessary, but not enough. The interior of an office space is an integral and dominant part of the identity of the company it houses.This particular investment office of a well-known athenian business family was designed in two axes. It focuses and highlights its prestige and at the same time creates an intimate and warm work environment.
Luxurious materials, large wenge herringbone on the floor and cladding with bronze detailing create an environment with strong contrasts between cool whiteness and the rich sense of natural materials. Strong color touches in the furnish warm up the room. The one-off office desks and tables  were designed by the architect personally for each user. The furnishing of the premises by ‘BLOSSOM people & spaces’ was also created specifically and exclusively for this project.
Each space is unique, with a particular identity. At the entrance, there is a large reception desk with a background of bronze paneling that filters the light. Deep and comfortable armchairs in bright colors and rich materials polish the original feel of awe. In the boardroom, the herringbone of the floor is used to create an imposing table surface. The waiting room is a small dark jewel. A unique, luxurious, ebony office desk, with delicate legs, hinting at the company logo, welcomes the guests. The company logo reappears in a bronze embossed pattern in a wenge backdrop behind the desk and a bright white metal panel opposite it. The rich texture of the white sofa lightens and sweeps the space. In executive offices, bronze vertical blades create a sharp contrast with the diagonal water of the wood. The intense marble waters draw attention on the office desk, while cozy furnishing adds a touch of warmth.
The combination of modern with the essence of classic, creates a space that reflects the identity of the company and its people.