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SK house





SK house

This interior is designed with a modern style that combines different colors and textures to create a harmonious and elegant atmosphere.


The sofa, which is the main piece of furniture in the living room, is red in color and has a tufted design that contrasts with its black metal frame. The dining table, which is also black, has a simple and sleek shape that matches the sofa’s frame. A vase of fresh flowers adorns the table and adds a touch of nature and beauty to the room. The floor is made of wood and has a warm and inviting tone that complements the white walls and the curtain. The curtain covers the entire wall and creates a sense of privacy and softness in the room. It also filters the natural light that comes from the window. A hanging lamp hangs above the dining table and provides a cozy and intimate lighting for the room. The lamp has a round shape and a white color that blends well with the curtain and the walls. The living room is a perfect example of how to use colors and textures to create a modern and stylish space.