panos nikolaidis design





Dublin Tower


International competition




In a world cut apart ideologically, socially, financially, racially and politically this piece forms a call for unity and tolerance of individuality. Cultural differences are seen as a threat and are manipulated into reasons triggering war.


Democracy and basic human rights, earned with blood over the centuries, taken for granted are now threatened. Now is a crucial time to emphasise the need for reinstating these values, the right to be different and the right to coexist in our antithesis.

The design of a landmark could not possibly be regarded as an intervention. It could though form a statement and grow into a symbol of the ‘two as one’ notion.

The building consists of two individual and of distinct character elements that bend and wrap around each other, like the sails of an old sailing ship, heading towards the river. Its crystal-like shell reflects the river emphasizing these ‘transparent liquid’ qualities. The curtain wall monitoring of light is achieved through the use of self-adhesive strips of white film layered accordingly to create different densities of transparent whiteness and light.

These two elements are completely dependent on each other; one cannot exist without the other, not even structurally. The gap between them, as well as the coexistence of their different forms and programs that ensure their autonomy are also the ones bringing them together. The office, residence and public spaces’ complex schedule bring life, around the clock, to a variety of layers of the building at a time.

The epitome of this sense of unity is the top two floors, where the U2 studios, a space for creativeness and contemplation, are accommodated.