panos nikolaidis design





Ephemeral Structures in the City of Athens


International Competition, Honorable Mention




The Olympic Ideals have to become more than a wishful thought. An immediate expansion of reality is needed. To understand the multitude of layers that form reality we must go one step further. Information is power.
In order to reach the Olympic Ideals we must challenge our way of thinking. The ability to make judgments must be cultivated in order to see through the ‘Orwellian’ media and to prevent a ‘1984’ future.
Art and Science is the vehicle for expanding our perception of reality.



The proposal tackles the idea of the mythical Trojan horse and the hackers Trojan to lure, capture and entangle the dweller within its urban landscape. As the myth dictates the site is to become the Trojan horse and the spectacle. Subversive devices are used.
Reality shows and spectacles engage the inhabitant – star in a game where he is neither the spectator nor the star but the participant, and at the same time creator, of an event. He relates to the proposal as a showcase and moves around it in a multitude of ways as though on a cat walk. At the same time the city unfolds before him. Leisure is hereby used as a painless way of information absorption.
The transparent enclosure is a contradiction to the urban landscape as it is conceptually related to the quality of being obvious. It is to become, after all one of the layers to be discovered, as it does not interfere in a formal or aesthetic manner with the proposal and remains in the background. Its transparent, box-like form gives the landscape jewel-like qualities as if exhibited on a pedestal. The user gazes through the glass as if it is exhibited in a shop front window. The glass shed also provides the site with a controlled environment as far as lighting, sound and shading are concerned and a backdrop for possible exhibits. The exhibits thus become part of the site and are seen in relation to the rest of the city. These are qualities taken from Lycabettus hill and the Acropolis.
There are many entries / exits to and from the site. Each one offers a different experience and spectacle. The landscape folds, cuts through and wraps around itself creating an enclosed space forming semi- open exhibition spaces with Athens acting as a backdrop. It is the visitors’ business to unwrap and discover uses, beyond the projections and exhibitions taking place in order to inhabit the project in yet another way. After all this is the main objective of the ‘game’. Hopefully when the visitor moves away from the site he will apply this experience to the rest of the city. He has now expanded his horizons. A new type of exhibition space is created.