panos nikolaidis design





Escape the ordinary. Explore new dimensions


Open Lightgate and discover a new reality of leisure and cultural activities.

Its objective is to function as an activity generator rather than an ordinary bar or lounge. Its amphitheatrical formations on the two sides resemble the layout of a modern theatre scene, waiting for an event, a performance or an exhibition to take place in it. The bar counter is part of this stage. People around it are part of an impromptu performance.

The arrangement of seatings is ‘open’, non-hierarchical, flexible and fully adjustable to any occasion. The seating units can be arranged in any possible manner, spread all over the stage, or gathered to allow an event to take place. Their circular formation is not oriented only inwards but also outwards. People are not expected to sit around the table, but to have their backs rested on it and inhabit the space around the seating units.