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The first office space to house our practice. Photo of the meeting room overlooking the Athens Tower.


Having my first private office as an architect in a building designed by Nikos Valsamakis was not only a privilege but also a source of inspiration and motivation. Valsamakis is one of the most prominent figures of Greek architecture, who has shaped the modern identity of the country with his innovative and elegant projects. His works reflect his mastery of functionalism and minimalism, as well as his sensitivity to the natural and cultural environment. Working in his building, I was able to observe and appreciate his design philosophy, his choice of materials and forms, his integration of landscape and context, and his attention to detail and functionality. I was also able to recognize his contribution to the international architectural discourse and his influence on the generations that followed him. Having this office was a significant and symbolic starting point for my private practice, as it challenged me to pursue excellence, creativity, and originality in my own designs.
The office interior reveals a refined meeting room, where the glass table and the white chairs create a striking contrast with the wooden floor and the urban landscape outside. The chandelier adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to the room. The interior is characterised by a modern and minimalist style that tries to be consistent with Valsamakis’ design principles of functionality, simplicity, and harmony.