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The bar as a theatre stage


The  ‘C’ form of the bar makes references to the ancient Greek amphitheatre. The space created within this form is the ‘stage’ and the surrounding area is the ‘viewing platform’. Punters can take up the role of the spectator; become part of the spectacle, or both. Being on the stage ‘allows’ one to be on the center of attention and thus to be the protagonist of their ‘play’, while staying on the perimeter enables one to become a ‘voyeur’. Still, the flexibility of interchanging roles is the essence of this space.

Inhabitation takes place in various ways. The bar twists, turns and changes height in order to form service area, serving counter and seating in a single fluid form. The space created allows a multitude of interpretations and therefore stretches the idea of the bar as a catwalk to an interactive event.

The bar can be standing autonomously, like a counter. Furthermore, it can become part of a landscape formation in an interior or exterior space (i.e. in a lobby, terminal, fair etc), or create its own enclosed, cave-like interior space.

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