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Residence in Peloponnese

The site is on the edge of the semi urban area of the northern coast of Peloponnese, on the borderline of urban and rural. The residence portrays the introversion of a project within the urban context as well as its openness amidst the nature. Large openings frame vistas while solid surfaces ensure the interior’s privacy. The street façade, randomly perforated, shapes a hybrid skin in-between solidness and transparency. A mezzanine above the kitchen rises above the main volume as a periscope, overlooking the street and allowing views to the sea. The most intimate, or rather private, spaces of the house i.e. the bathrooms, the walk-in closet and the kitchen open up to very small enclosed patios with wall to wall glazing, thus preventing the view to the interior, while offering the inhabitant a sense of being outside. The main entrance is accessed with a ramp which also acts as an anchor, as the building is slightly raised above the ground. The entire skin of the building results from the interplay of solid and void while the overall shape retains a pure geometrical form.

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