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Kitchen Bar, Halandri



Kitchen Bar

The building housing the ‘Kitchen Bar’ is located at the junction of Varnali and Kanatsouli Street in Halandri, Athens. The design of a concept, implementing a corner plot, is always a challenge for the designer, especially when it comes to a project which in fact converses with the public space of the city.


The placement of the building to the side and rear boundary forms an “L” shape leaving the corner part of the site free. This provision allows the building to “open up” to the city, creating a direct visual contact with it and allowing the formation of a “dialogue.” Four out of six building facades open up to the street creating a square, a new “public” space. In this way, Varnali Street links this newly formed square to the nearby Dourou square, enriching the urban fabric with new events.

The architects have dealt exclusively with the outer shell of the building, its surrounding area and the general layout of the interior. The restaurant occupies four levels: basement, ground mezzanine and first. The parking, lavatories and preparation area are placed in the basement; the open kitchen and café area on the ground level; the lounge area on the mezzanine and the bar / dining area on the first. During the summer the ground level opens up and extends itself outdoors enhancing the idea of a new “public” space, a square.
The white skin of the building is interrupted by a zone of vertical wooden blinds that renegotiate the relationship between solid and void, light and darkness, indoor and exterior. This achieves the required privacy while maintaining a contact with the surrounding urban fabric. The square is raised from the street level to the restaurant level forming an extension of its interior while the pergola forms a transitional space before the restaurant entry.